The Strata Wealth 360 Planning Process®

Our planning approach is a goal-oriented process that we revisit with you at least annually. We call it Strata Wealth 360®.

Step 1
Discuss Goals & Expectations

We listen. We discuss your goals at a high level and learn about each other’s expectations for a successful relationship. Then we assess any planning you have already done and look for coordination gaps and opportunities you may have missed.

Step 2
Define Plan Objectives

We work together to understand your financial philosophy and specific objectives. We capture and organize your estate and financial information and build a clear picture of what’s in place today and what can be improved.

Step 3
Design Strategies

We build sophisticated strategies and present them in plain English. Together we filter and prioritize. You see how your financial picture will be revised compared to its current state and the decision process begins.

Step 4
Coordinate with Family Advisors

We engage your family advisors to ensure understanding of the proposed plan strategies and solicit feedback. Once everyone is in agreement, responsibilities are assigned.

Step 5
Finalize Your Plan

We finalize the plan and present your Strata Wealth Blueprint™ — a highly organized document containing clear and concise goals, observations and recommendations. Your decisions become our marching orders.

Step 6
Implement Your Plan

As the catalysts who take your plan from concept to reality, we coordinate with all parties involved and ensure all action items are implemented efficiently and precisely.