Our clients come to us with complex financial challenges.

Our advisors have worked with affluent families, business owners and executives for decades. As a result, we’ve acquired a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges they face over their lifetimes. From negotiating sensitive intra-family issues to optimizing an estate plan or preparing for the successful sale of a privately-held business, Strata advisors have the expertise to guide you.

Simplification and Global Allocation of Investments

A married 49 year-old attorney with two children has 8 different investment accounts with three different advisors, as well as a whole life insurance contract.

Investment Strategy for a Corporate Executive

A married 57 year-old executive with three children is concerned now that his company stock is near its all-time high.

Maximizing Gains on a Company Sale while Minimizing Taxes

A married 66 year-old with three children owns an oil and gas company and is looking to get top dollar when he sells within the next 5-10 years.

Estate and Succession Planning for a Business Owner

A married 72 year-old with two children and a successful real estate company is concerned about what would happen to the company at his death.