Prudent investment solutions to support your objectives.

While holistic money management is a core component of the work we do, we believe that behavior is the dominant determinant of real-life returns and avoiding making the “big mistakes” is far more important than finding the next hot investment.

We start the investment discussion only after sufficiently working through the Strata Wealth 360 Planning Process®, as our belief is that investments should be the engine to a well thought out plan and not the other way around.

Step 1
Financial & Investment Alignment

We review your planning and investment goals and determine what is needed from the portfolio in order to hit your targets. We discuss your personal risk tolerance.

Step 2
Current Portfolio Assessment

We aggregate all your investable assets and determine your true asset allocation. We determine if you’re taking “uncompensated risk” and whether or not you’re paying too much.

Step 3
Portfolio Design

We agree on the overall target asset allocation for each goal, discuss investment positions, and determine which accounts are best suited for each position.

Step 4
Investment Implementation

We put your plan into action, coordinating not just accounts held with us but also accounts held elsewhere.

Step 5
Monitoring & Maintenance

We revisit your objectives and overall allocation on at least an annual basis and make adjustments as necessary.