What Makes Us Different

  • We share our clients’ core values.

    Integrity. Respect. Empathy. Discipline. Professionalism. Strata advisors and clients enjoy an alignment of values that promotes deep, meaningful relationships.

  • We see the big picture and all the moving parts.

    We offer comprehensive, goals-directed financial planning and investment solutions. We give holistic advice, not just on an account-by-account basis, but on all your collective investable assets as a whole.

  • We have the discipline to stick to the plan.

    Our starting point is always financial planning, beginning the investment discussion only after sufficiently working through the planning process. We have the discipline to adhere to your plan and our investment philosophy over the long haul.

  • We reduce complexity in our clients’ lives.

    Strata advisors speak the language of finance, banking, tax, insurance, business, estate and asset protection planning. This allows us to identify and communicate coordination gaps and opportunities in terms you can understand.

  • We are the enemies of procrastination.

    More than just providing advice on paper, we proactively coordinate with all your family’s advisors to put your financial plan in motion. Our action orientation gets the job done accurately and efficiently.